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Package B
(Experience FDW)

We have a full array of biodatas who has worked either in Singapore or Overseas available to serve your family as Full-Time domestic helper.

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Package A
(New/Fresh FDW)

New /  Fresh Helpers with positive and ready-to-learn attitude available for your selection.

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Package C
(Transfer FDW)

Transfer of full-time domestic helper currently living in Singapore. Available to start work in the shortest wait time.

Lesser loan compared to fresh / new helpers.

Services Provided...

What you need to pay = Package Fee + Insurance + FDW Loan. COVID-19 arrangements are applicable for new foreign domestic helper who is currently residing outside of Singapore.

COVID-19 Arrangements

Due to COVID-19, all employers have to bear the costs in full for SHN facility arrangement and COVID-19 tests, and are not allowed to pass on any cost to their FDWs.

When will the charging of stay at the dedicated SHN facility and COVID-19 test start? 

They are in effect for arrivals from 17 June 2020, 2359 hours.

What are the charges for the 14-day stay at the dedicated SHN facility and COVID-19 tests?

The charges are as follows :

14-day stay at the dedicated SHN facility
SGD $1,500 including GST.

If the FDW or nanny is able to share a room, the cost will be SGD 1,000 per person including GST.
COVID-19 tests
Up to SGD $300 including GST.
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During your busy schedule and after a hard day’s work, we know how relaxing it is to return to the clean, tidy and comfortable home. Our experienced maids are carefully screened to ensure that they are perfect for you home. Our Helpers will provide dusting/cleaning of all rooms & kitchen, washing of toilets, vacuuming & mopping of floors, pressing and ironing clothes, wipe interior windows mirrors doors fans, clean refrigerator oven cooker hood, wipe interior of kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Elderly Care

We offer elderly care service in Singapore. We know a lot of people have limited time to take care of the family’s health due to their professional commitments or because they just don’t live close to their parents. We assure good care of your parents with our elderly care services. Our helpers assist in daily living activities like bathing, toileting, feeding, walking etc. They act as a close companion to your loved ones and they maintain good hygiene, diet and medications as guided by you or your family doctor.

Children Care

We are creating employment by providing professional, dedicated and trustworthy services. Our maids are well experienced to help you take care of your kids; in your presence or in your absence. They will care for children full time while both parent work. They also take responsibility to create daily schedules and engage in activities to ensure healthy mental, physical and emotional growth of the children they care for. Just after delivery, our maid would be a mother’s helper as the mother would be at home. For :-

Working Couple : She will care for your kids including feed, school pick and drop etc. while you will be at the workplace.

Single Parents : To provide good care for your champs as a mother.

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